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The Australian Romance Readers Association offers readers unique opportunities to connect with other romance readers in Australia, attend events, meet some of your favourite romance authors, and talk about your favourite books with people who understand. For romance authors, it offers the opportunity to reach new Australian readers, and to connect with Australian fans.

We have a thriving online community, and a monthly newsletter full of reviews, news, views, and profiles, all aimed at romance readers. Visit our blog for all our latest news, or join our Facebook Group to chat about romance.

ARRA has hosted a biennial romance readers convention since 2009. The last convention was held in Melbourne in February 2017. Other special events are often happening. 

ARRA has published a romance novel! Written by Shannon Curtis, from plot ideas crowd-sourced from ARRA readers, Tribal Law is a sexy paranormal romance.  Find out more here.

If you would like to know more about our activities, you can download our annual report for 2015–16.